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When White Privilege and Problematic Black Patriarchy Collide

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So I don’t follow boxing. Never have and probably never will. But this #McGregorMayweather fight has me having opinions.
So basically Mr “White Privilege” McGregor challenges Mr “Problematic” Mayweather to a boxing match.
But McGregor is apparently a good MMA fighter, not undefeated just good. But his White Privilege gets him a shot against the best boxer in the world. So the rest of his community, rally behind him believing that he will do them the honour of humbling Mayweather from his extravagant lifestyle.Ā  Because black people shouldn’t have money in the first place but here is this nigger who not only has money but is rubbing it their faces in it.

McGregor is the brave one amoungst them, brave enough to defend their collective honour by taking Mayweather’s away in the ring. So cue the supporters, best promoters TV Airtime and white resources to back McGregor. I had white co-workers who never mention sport at all rooting for McGregor. We saw people who knew that it was unlikely that McGregor win because he isn’t a boxer ignore their professional knowledge to rally behind McGregor be cause they didn’t like Mayweather.

So now the fight has happened. Mayweather has won. Not just because #Melanin but because he is the best boxer in the world!

Now, we have the white Privilege brigade not congradulating Mayweather for winning but we have the “well done to McGregor for trying” narrative. This is hilarious.
Further than that we also are hearing the “let’s have the next fight in the MMA ring” crowd acting as if McGregor didn’t move himself out of his natural habitat to prove a point.

What I find offensive is the “Yeah, Mayweather may have won but he beats his wife” narrative that is also seeing the light of day now.Ā  This isn’t bothering me because I am a domestic violence apologist, I’m bothered because when white Privilege does not win views against Patrichy and Masogony is the next punishment for black people.

The idea that White McGregor would dethrone Black Mayweather was such a turn on to white people that when their wishes didn’t come to pass they used issues we shed light about Mayweather, in the past, to their benefit. When Mayweather beat up his wife and blacks were up in arms about it. White people carried on with their lives because this wasn’t their issue. The white structures could’ve done something about Mayweather’s behavior but they chose not to. Now it pleases the white community to use this behaviour as a further reason to challenge his position in sport because their golden child couldn’t.

I hate how the pain of black women only becomes relevant when all the other structures of oppression and exclusion have been exhausted.

I also don’t like how black men trivialise his domestic violence issue to a diversion because they feel like they have been vindicated by Mayweather’s win against McGregor.Ā  The dismissal of the domestic violence issue is just a way of black men to say we are dealing with sport right now, Men issues, “we will deal with that black woman’s issue at another time. (Which will never happen)
“We can’t allow this black woman’s issues to take away from our collective Black male victory.” This is because Mayweather’s win in many ways solidified to black men that black men are stronger than white men. So it doesn’t matter which man gets their win as long as he gets it. So “right now, we don’t care if he has ever violated a black woman if he can bring back our dignity in the patriarchy hierarchy he’s a champ in our books”
To white Privilege, black women’s suffering should not be used as a Trump card when dealing whith black men. We aren’t here as your last resort when you have attempted tear down black men and have failed. All this says is that you hear us when we cry and choose to ignore us. You park our pain and bring it out at your convenience. You suck.
To black men, we aren’t an afterthought. Prioritise our issues and show us you are on our side. You will someday learn that we are your only allies. Lets hope it won’t be too late.

… Living forever


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