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I Run to Love-Making Music.

By Posted on 3 141

I don’t know if it’s the tempo or what it makes me think about that makes this the perfect music to run to. I guess my mind does wonder when I’ve got this music on, it is love-making music after all. But damn, I come from my runs loving life and feeling good!


Today I ran 10km, it was a good one. The plan was to meet Lunga, a buddy of mine, at 05:45 for our 06:00 run. Last night we planned to run 15km but my ass overslept 🙄… I woke up at 06:32! I felt so bad! I gave her a call and she was already on the road. Feeling bummed I decided to get up and run a route in my neighbourhood. I planned to do one of my normal 3km routes just so I can say “I got up, #TeamWhileyouwereasleep”.

I started my playlist and off I went. The first song was ‘Drifting’ by Mila J. So smooth! The first kilometre is normally my toughest. This 👏 song 👏pulled 👏me 👏through👏

When I got to the 2km point I was still feeling good. So I thought maybe I should do a 6km. But when I reached my turning point at 3km I decided to go further. I took a right instead of a left and thought to myself that the road will take me where it wants. I eventually, at some point, found myself reaching my 5km mark, 6km away from home, according to the route I mapped out in my head! So this was going to be a 10km, cool.

At the 6km mark I was faced with this monstrosity!

So this hill affected me so much I had to go back to google maps to see how steep it really is. It doesn’t look so bad in the pictures, but it is.


I knew I could make it up this hill. Whether I would get there alive was another story. The song playing on my way up was ‘That Whip’ by Anderson .Paak. If there is one thing about slow songs, it is that they carry you. For me, I need to find a nice rhythm for me to have a successful climb up a hill. Before I ran with the Love-Making Music, hills were where my breathing, upright back and rhythm went to die.

Anderson .Paak took me up that hill! Yho! I felt so strong when the hook on the song hit:

“Damn, that whip

I miss that whip

That whip, that whip, that whip

I miss that whip”

I was at the top of the hill when song ended! I felt so fulfilled! I had done it. I smashed that hill. Yes, my heart rate did hit 171bpm and my pace was well above 11’00 but I was here. I was at the top of that brutal hill and I was alive!

I was there just in time for my victory song ‘Uber’ by DRAM. Bruh, I felt like I had been in serious combat! I was fragile and sore but when that song came on I was dancing like an actual Uber was coming to get me. But no, I had a further 4km to go. Every incline after that never compared to what I have now dubbed “The Moerse Hill”.

Running has turned into such a therapy session for me. Listening to my favourite artists and songs while doing it is fast making running one of my favourite things to do.

What songs do you listen to when you on the road? Do you listen to any? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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