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My name is Mpho Mokoena

A like a lot of things, except running in the rain!

Christmas morning, in 2016, I decided to go for 5km jog. So I made my way out to the road to begin my run. It was a beautiful morning. The air was crisp, it had been raining the night before. I checked my weather app and said it would be cloudy but no rain. Its a nifty tool I use ever so often and it hadn’t failed me, yet. And I was off!

I could hear the music clearly without the muffled sounds of traffic, for a change. I live in Johannesburg, quiet roads are unicorns. I love playing reggae when I run. I guess it might be the simple 1, 2, 3, 4 tempo that I enjoy because I’m such a slow runner. Vybz Kartel was banging as I ran.


The first 1km of the route is a long incline. It always feels like I’ve been running for ages when I reach the top! I looked up at the sky, it was grey. No surprises, my app said it would be cloudy. I kept going for another 1.5km. I remember feeling the drizzle on my arm seconds before the heavens decided to pour down bucket loads of rain, in one go. It was devastating. How could my app get things so wrong? I managed to find refuge at a filling station I had just passed on my run. I don’t remember ever being that wet before.

I took out my phone and proceeded to call my husband so he could come and pick me up. I stood there with the phone on my ear for about 3 minutes. Then I realized the phone was not ringing. Upon close observation I discovered that the phone was actually on airplane mode! (I do this to save the battery when I run) This means my phone was not connected to the internet the whole time! This means the weather app could not refresh to tell me the latest information. This means it was MY fault that I was dripping wet!

Hi I’m Mpho, a plus size running enthusiast. I love running but things don’t always go as planned. I used to beat myself up for not being a perfect participant in my weightloss journey. But I now realize that the picture painted for us to follow is always someone perfect whose shit is always together and is constantly succeeding at this weightloss and fitness thing. I’ve always fell short of being the perfect “Transformation Tuesday” because sometimes my meals aren’t prep’d and I miss some running sessions now and then.

This blog is where I will be recording my victories and pitfalls in my fitness journey. It will be real. I want this to be a place where women like myself see themselves in my ordinary life. I am by no means a Role Model of any sorts. I’m just here so you can see that you aren’t alone.

So come take this journey with me. We will take it one day, month, week at a time.


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